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3 Preparation Tips for a Garage Door Installation December 19, 2017

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3 Preparation Tips for a Garage Door Installation, Olive Branch, Mississippi

When you’re planning a new garage door installation, it may be difficult to know what expect. After all, homeowners aren’t always sure how much space the technicians will need. And customers often ask the experts at Mid-South Door Company in Olive Branch, MS, about preparing the area for this task. That’s why they’ve put together the following checklist—to help you understand what you should do before installation begins.

3 Helpful Tips to Prepare for a Garage Door Installation

1. Move Your Belongings

garage door installationThe professionals will need a clear space that’s at least 10 feet from the front and sides of the garage. Not only will this keep them safe from tripping hazards, but it will also protect your belongings from damage. Make sure bikes, toys, garbage, and stored items are all removed from the area. You should also remove the cars and park them in the driveway or street.

2. Sweep Out Debris

To truly provide a safe work environment, you should also sweep out your garage. Cleaning out any debris, such as dirt and leaves, reduces the risk of an individual slipping. Plus, it will help protect your new door from getting dirty.

3. Take Decorations Down

Before your old door is removed, take any decorations off it. These may include lights, wreaths, plants, or other decor. In addition, hanging items within the garage should be taken down, as you don’t want these to get in the way of the process.

When it’s time for new garage door installation, contact the experts at Mid-South Door Company. Serving the community since 1988, this business provides personalized service with industrial expertise. Find out more about their overhead door services and part supplies by calling a trusted representative at (662) 893-1191. You can also find more information on their website.

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