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Business Development Experts on the Difference Between Bosses & Leaders January 19, 2018

Huntington, Huntington
Business Development Experts on the Difference Between Bosses & Leaders, Huntington, New York

Every successful company needs a leader to keep business development on track. But just as every team leader is not necessarily the “boss,” every boss is not a true leader. What’s the difference? Although many factors make a leader great, there are three main differences between those who are simply in charge and those who enthusiastically lead the pack.

How Leaders Differ From Bosses

Leaders Motivate & Empower

A leader motivates and empowers the members of their team, treating them as equals and recognizing them as important contributors to the success of the company or organization. They also facilitate learning and provide direction, often modeling appropriate behavior. A boss who is not a leader just wants the job done and is more focused on themselves than the growth and encouragement of others. Instead of seeing team members as colleagues, a boss views them as subordinates.

Leaders Keep Their Ego in Check

A boss who takes credit for a project done well without acknowledging the efforts of their team is not a true leader. A leader knows they are only as good as the people who support them. Conversely, a leader will hold themselves accountable and take responsibility when something goes awry. A boss who is not a leader will strive to deflect the blame and place it on others.

Leaders Never Stop Learning

business developmentLeaders are lifelong learners—they recognize they don’t know everything and are willing to learn from their employees or team members. They don’t assume that because they have an advanced degree or a loftier title they are more intelligent or knowledgeable than a less-experienced colleague. Instead, they continue to make efforts to grow and gain new insight. When they do acquire a new, helpful skill or piece of information, they share it with their colleagues so everyone can benefit and promote business development.


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