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How an Experienced Counselor Can Help Those in Sandwich Generations February 6, 2018

Osceola, Mississippi
How an Experienced Counselor Can Help Those in Sandwich Generations, Osceola, Arkansas

Raising young children while also caring for aging parents can leave you feeling stretched beyond your limits. People in this situation, known as “sandwich generations,” often suffer the effects of prolonged psychological stress, combined with exhaustion and feelings of guilt. To cope with the pressures of competing demands, experienced counselors encourage you to look after yourself so you can provide better care to others.

The Importance of Reducing Stress

counselorFeeling as though every moment of your day is dedicated to other people’s needs with no time for yourself can be enormously stressful. For some people, simply taking time to do activities you enjoy can alleviate these symptoms, making you feel more capable of taking care of those who mean the most to you. This can be as simple as watching a favorite TV show, spending time with friends, or blocking off time for hobbies and other interests.

Neglecting your own needs and assuming there will be time to take care of yourself later can also have serious health consequences, from problems sleeping to major depression. Prolonged stress increases the risk of heart disease, impairs your immune system, and makes existing health problems even worse. Alleviating these symptoms is not only best for you, but also makes you a better caregiver.

How a Counselor Can Help

If you’re having trouble coping with the stress of being a member of a sandwich generation, an experienced therapist can give you tools to manage this difficult situation. In many cases, just having someone to talk to in a judgment-free environment can help you process your emotions and reduce the stress in your daily life.


If you’re in a sandwich generation, now is the time to get help. For over 15 years, the therapists at Families Inc. have provided high-quality psychiatric services to families throughout Arkansas. With 11 locations and a team of certified professionals, their commitment to the well-being of their clients has made them one of the state’s top-rated private counseling services. Visit their website to find your nearest location and schedule an appointment with a counselor today, and follow their Facebook for more tips and advice.

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