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How Many Layers of Shingles Can Your Roof Handle? December 30, 2017

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How Many Layers of Shingles Can Your Roof Handle?, Poughkeepsie, New York

Whether your roof was damaged in a recent storm or is due for an update, you might wonder whether a replacement or repair is the more effective course of action. Homeowners should consider the age of their roof and condition of the shingles when deciding between these two services. Additionally, the roof’s repair history can also be an important factor. This guide outlines what you need to know about how many layers of material your roof can support.

When Can I Apply a New Layer of Shingles?

If just a few shingles are damaged, or there is only a single layer on the roof, you can install a new layer over the original. This option depends on a few factors, including the condition of the existing layer. Shingles that are in generally good condition can withstand the reroofing process. This is an effective way to make a cosmetic change and improve a home’s curb appeal.

However, if the edges of the shingles are curled upwards or inwards—an issue often referred to as “cupping”—then the roof most likely has water damage. A complete roof replacement is the most effective way to prevent the problem from getting worse. 

How Many Layers Can I Add?

roof Poughkeepsie NYMost building codes allow for two layers or organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles. Typically, a roof will need to have a 4/12 pitch or less; steeper roofs are permitted to have three layers. Limiting most residential structures to two layers of shingles prevents structural damage from excess weight on the decking or the second layer shifting and pulling the first one away from the house.

Reroofing a house is a cost-effective way to add protection and aesthetic appeal since it is significantly less expensive than a roof replacement. Not only will you pay less for building materials, but you also do not need to cover demolition or disposal costs. This service also reduces your liability risk because it minimizes the likelihood of property damage from falling debris.


If you’re wondering whether your home is a good candidate for reroofing, contact the professionals at JAM Associates in Poughkeepsie, NY. These roofing contractors provide fast, efficient service at affordable prices. Their roofs are designed with energy efficiency and easy installation in mind, translating into lower utility costs and faster turnaround times. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (845) 454-4853.

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