Wyoming, Ohio

How to Prevent an Emergency Visit From the Plumber for a Clogged Toilet December 15, 2017

Wyoming, Wyoming
How to Prevent an Emergency Visit From the Plumber for a Clogged Toilet, Wyoming, Ohio

No one wants to have to call the plumber over a clogged, overflowing toilet. Without taking proper precautions, however, your toilet can spring a leak or spill over when you least expect it. Fortunately, you can save yourself the trouble by taking preventive steps to maintain your plumbing system today.

Plumber-Approved Advice to Prevent a Clogged Toilet

Clean & Inspect Regularly

To prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria, regularly clean your toilet with a mild cleanser. Baking soda, vinegar, and natural soaps all work well to eliminate germs and keep your system running efficiently. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners, however, which may be harmful to your health. During your regular cleaning routine, take time to take the tank lid off and ensure everything is working properly. The flapper should seal well, and the valve should stop at the waterline.

Watch What Goes Down

plumberPeople primarily clog toilets by flushing materials that don’t belong in plumbing pipes. To prevent problems, never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Do not flush fingernail clippings, hair, dust, dirt, feminine hygiene products, or even Kleenex. Avoid using excessive toilet paper or ultra-plush varieties, especially if you’re not on the municipal sewage line.

Buy a Plunger

Many clogged toilets can easily be fixed with help from a flange plunger or a bucket of hot water. In some cases, you may need to combine the two tools. After using the plunger, you can pour a mop bucket full of water into the toilet—with force—to see if the pressure pushes the items clogging the drain through.


Sometimes, it’s unavoidable: You have a clogged toilet you just can’t fix, and you need to call the plumber. Don’t fear—the friendly experts from A. All Valley Plumbing & Sewer Service in Cincinnati, OH, are happy to assist. Whether your emergency occurs day or night, the 24-hour plumber will be there for you when you need it most. To learn about the team’s affordable plumbing services, visit the website. You can also call a helpful representative at (513) 733-3311.

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