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5 Signs Your Loved One Will Benefit From Assisted Living December 16, 2017

Lima, Livingston
5 Signs Your Loved One Will Benefit From Assisted Living, Lima, New York

While aging is a wonderful and enlightening experience, it is not without its challenges. If someone you care about is facing difficulties in their golden years, it may be time to consider assisted living to improve their quality of life. Specializing in senior care, Alpine Manor Home For Adults in Lima, NY, highlights a few signs your loved one needs long-term care.

5 Signs a Loved One Requires Assisted Living

1. A Struggle With Daily Activities  

Assisted living facilities ease the burden of housekeeping and other daily activities. They provide healthy meals, assist with personal hygiene, and eliminate the need to do chores. Thanks to those resources, your loved one lives in a cleaner, healthier environment that will leave a positive impact on their life.

2. Worsening Chronic Condition

assisted livingIf your relative can’t keep up with medications and doctor appointments, assisted living makes managing a chronic health condition much easier. Nursing homes are equipped with trained staff and medical resources to provide ongoing health monitoring and medication management.

3. Low Mobility  

Those who have limited mobility have trouble taking care of their needs and getting moderate exercise. Nursing homes are designed to ease these challenges with additional safety features that help prevent falls and improve overall activities.

4. Isolation & Depression   

Whether your loved one is affected by dementia or low mobility, it becomes harder to get out of the house and maintain a social life. As isolation becomes more commonplace, cognitive decline and depression become more likely. Nursing homes allow residents to live and socialize with others and participate in engaging social activities that stimulate their minds and boost overall mood.

5. Relief From Caregiving

When you’re helping a loved one manage their health and daily care, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. Whether you’re consistently tired, stressed, or unable to maintain a personal life, nursing homes provide considerable relief from caregiver burnout.

If you’re searching for a trusted nursing home in Livingston County, NY, contact Alpine Manor Home For Adults. By providing 24-hour medical and personal care, comfortable senior apartments, and friendly staff, this assisted living facility adapts to the needs of residents. Learn more about their amenities online. Call (585) 346-5880 to schedule a tour.

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