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3 Differences Between a Learning Center & Preschool December 19, 2017

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3 Differences Between a Learning Center & Preschool, Creve Coeur, Missouri

If you’re considering child care options, you might have heard two related, yet vastly different terms: preschool and a learning center. While both are wonderful options for parents who need a safe, enriching place to care for their children, they each have their own unique traits. Here are the three largest differences.

How a Learning Center & Preschool Differ

1. Hours

learning centerLearning centers are ideal for parents who work full-time. These centers are open throughout the year and are closed less frequently than preschools, which tend to follow traditional school schedules and close in the summer. Some learning centers offer additional care programs, like extended hours and day camps.

2. Price

Prices vary largely between facilities and programs, but in general, preschool prices tend to be cheaper than child care centers because they don’t offer full-time care. However, you’ll need to enroll your child in preschool at least six months before the beginning of the school year to reserve your child’s spot in a classroom.

3. Age

Because child care centers cater toward working parents’ schedules, they tend to accept children of varying ages, including toddlers. In general, preschool programs are intended for children that are at least 3-years-old, although some programs do welcome 2-year-olds if they turn three by a specific date.

Preschools and learning centers are excellent ways to help your child build skills they’ll use as they transition into school. What matters most is that you work with a program that matches your schedule and supports your child’s ongoing development.


For over 65 years, the team at Lucky Lane Nursery School has been proud to offer families in the Greater St. Louis, MO, area top-notch early childhood development and education programs. This learning center has academic development programs, educational programs, and even summer camp. To learn more about their services, call (314) 434-4462, or visit them online today to view their frequently asked questions.

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