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Tree Service Pros Share 3 Tips to Prepare for Winter December 15, 2017

West Hartford, Hartford County
Tree Service Pros Share 3 Tips to Prepare for Winter, West Hartford, Connecticut

Although potted plants can be moved indoors for protection from winter weather, the same can’t be said for the trees on your property. According to the staff at Alton Tree Services, in West Hartford, CT, a few adjustments early in the season will protect your trees. This tree service company knows it’s essential to act against sunscald, malnutrition, and additional hardships once temperatures plummet.

Below, Hartford County’s tree service specialists share three maintenance tips to ensure plants get through winter unscathed:

  • Remove Broken Limbs When Weather Permits: There are plenty of snowstorms in Connecticut during winter, which means the powder and ice quickly pile up on tree branches. The limbs could snap under the weight but remain frozen or wedged in place by snow. Once temperatures rise, and snow and ice melt, the branches could fall to the ground. To keep everyone out of harm’s way, enlist a tree service company to remove broken branches once the weather breaks. 
  • tree-serviceDon’t Forget to Prune: Pruning in winter promotes healthy plant growth, ensuring trees don’t fall victim to common diseases, insect infestations, and other problems that occur in spring. Snow could weigh down branches and cause them to sit on top of each other. When tree service professionals prune, they remove the weak branches. This gives the stronger ones more access to the sunlight and air circulation necessary to thrive. 
  • Be Mindful of Mulch Placement: Rodents gravitate toward trees in winter, when food sources are in low supply. To prevent pest damage, be mindful of where you place mulch. A thick covering of organic material, like wood or dead leaves, will help insulate tree roots and provide additional vitamins and minerals. Leave open space between the mulch and tree trunks to keep rodents away. 

It’s time to take preventative measures before winter is in full swing. To ensure you take the proper approach to tree care, reach out to the professionals at Alton Tree Services to lend an expert hand. From storm damage cleanup to stump grinding and tree removal to boost curb appeal, they have the solutions for your needs. To schedule a commercial or residential tree service appointment in Hartford County, call (860) 236-8027 today. Visit the company online to see pictures of their work.

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