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Why You Should Pick an Owner-Operated Shop Over an Oil Change Franchise December 19, 2017

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Why You Should Pick an Owner-Operated Shop Over an Oil Change Franchise, Torrington, Connecticut

From oil changes to tire alignments, there are a wide variety of vehicle maintenance tasks drivers need to take care of on a regular basis. But where do you go when you need help with your car? While some people might choose an oil change franchise, there are certain advantages that come with going to an owner-operated shop for your auto repair needs.

“Franchise” is a term used to describe a chain of stores that has multiple locations across the country. Management is handled from a separate office. Quite often, the owner of the franchise rarely sets foot inside the building. With an owner-operated facility, however, they are there every day, overseeing repairs and performing much of the work themselves.

oil changesSo how does going to an owner-operated facility for oil changes and other vehicle maintenance tasks benefit you? You’ll have greater confidence you’ll get personal attention and care for your vehicle. That corner repair shop depends on building a strong reputation with their local customers to stay in business. At an owner-operated facility, you aren’t just a number. You’re a real person who is part of their community. After all, you’ll tell your friends about your experience, and they, in turn, either will or won’t go to the shop based on your recommendation.

Furthermore, you will be treated with the respect you deserve. Better yet, you can get lower prices for the exact same services, since there is less managerial overhead. You’ll still receive warranties on parts and service, but you’ll benefit from the guidance of someone who will come to truly know your needs. 


Located in Torrington, CT, JT’s Auto & 4x4 Repair is owned and operated by John Theroux. Offering quality service since 1988, you can trust John and his team to provide great results on everything from oil changes to vehicle tuneups. To learn more about their services, visit them online, or call (860) 489-2480.

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