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Local Plumber Presents 3 Ways to Keep Your Drains From Clogging January 2, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
Local Plumber Presents 3 Ways to Keep Your Drains From Clogging, Honolulu, Hawaii

The residents of Honolulu, HI, have entrusted Diamond Head Plumbing for nearly 40 years with their plumbing service, repair, and remodeling needs. Not only do they know plumbing repair, but prevention as well. Every plumber knows clogged drains are a common occurrence, and while the professionals at Diamond Head Plumbing are more than happy to lend a hand when it happens, they also know of a few ways to prevent such a nuisance.

3 Tips on Keeping Your Drains Clog-Free

1. Utilize Drain Screens

plumberDrain screens are a great tool for all types of drains, whether it's your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sink. The screens are placed over the drain, allowing water to pass, but catching all the materials that would illicit a plumbing service down the road — like soap scrum, hair, and food particles. 

2. Know What Can & Can’t Be Disposed of in the Kitchen Sink

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, it is not advised to toss any food scraps down the kitchen sink. Either invest in a drain screen or strainer, or get into the practice of tossing your food before it finds its way into the sink.

Even if you have a disposal, there are still certain foods you should avoid putting down the drain to save yourself from future plumbing repair. These commonly tossed items include coffee grounds, egg shells, and potato skins. Whether you have a disposal or not, oils and greases should always avoid going down the drain, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Get into the practice of pouring boiling water down your sink every week or so to melt it away.

3. Don’t Use Your Toilet as a Trash Bin

The only personal care product that should be flushed down a toilet is toilet paper. Feminine products, wet wipes, and other such products should be properly disposed of in a wastebasket. These items can get snuck in your pipes, causing a costly plumbing repair job.

No matter your plumbing needs, the professional plumbers and contractors at Diamond Head Plumbing are ready to tackle any project, whether it’s kitchen or bathroom plumbing services, emergency services, or remodeling. To speak with an expert plumber or general contractor today, call (808) 734-4344. Or, visit their website for more information.

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