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How Do Septic Tanks & Holding Tanks Differ? December 17, 2017

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How Do Septic Tanks & Holding Tanks Differ?, Jackson Center, Pennsylvania

Septic systems have many components, but since they’re buried underground, homeowners don’t always know what they are. Septic tanks and holding tanks both contain waste, but they play different roles. Knowing which one you have makes it easier to determine what type of maintenance your system needs. Here, Patterson Septic Service of Jackson Center, PA, explains how these two pieces of equipment differ.


If your system actively breaks down waste, then you have a septic tank. These tanks are located underground and collect everything that goes down the drain. Once inside the tank, the liquids and solids are separated. The solids are broken down by bacteria, and the remaining gray water is expelled from the tank into the leach field.

septic tank Jackson Center PAA holding tank, on the other hand, doesn’t break down waste. As the name suggests, collects the waste a household produces. The tank continues to fill every time someone drains a bathtub or flushes a toilet. Since holding tanks don’t break down waste, they need to be pumped regularly to prevent overflowing.

Installation & Maintenance

If you’re building a new home or updating your septic system, you will need to choose a tank type. Both come with unique advantages but have different requirements. Septic tanks need enough land nearby to serve as a leach field. This patch of land should be far enough away from the house and driveway that there is no risk of accidentally parking or building a patio on top of it. This can compress the leach field and crush the septic tank and pipes.

If you do not have enough space available, then a holding tank will work. These tanks require more frequent pumping than units that break down waste, but a septic service company can help you find the most cost-effective schedule.

No matter which tank you have, Patterson Septic Service has the skills to take care of it. Their plumbers and technicians are highly trained to work on both residential and commercial systems and are backed by 30 years of experience. Visit their website to learn more about their septic tank maintenance services, and call (724) 662-3996 to schedule an appointment.