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Have You Ever Dreamed of Going to Space? IMAX® 3D at AMC Theatres Will Take You There! March 4, 2014

Dublin, Franklin
Have You Ever Dreamed of Going to Space? IMAX® 3D at AMC Theatres Will Take You There!, Dublin, Ohio

Movies take you on a journey--journeys of heartbreak or adventure; heist or heroism. Powerful movies take your hand and lead you into an alternate universe, never saying whether you’ll return the same as you were when you left. While mobile technologies make it easy to watch movies anywhere, you might find you haven’t gotten very far.

As some opt to stay home, passionate movie-lovers are drooling over state-of-the-art picture and heart-pounding sound from IMAX® 3D. 

Oscar Buzz Days at AMC Theatres

These are the real adventure addicts, the movie-lovers who will be hosting Oscar parties this Sunday and shouting at the television as their favorite actors, directors, editors, and cinematographers take home those iconic gold statues. Some might gaze in wonder at their enthusiasm, but only those who missed their chance to see Oscar nominated films like Gravity in IMAX® 3D.

Did you know AMC Theatres has more IMAX® screens than any other movie theater company in the world?

Thanks to AMC’s commitment to equipping movie theaters across the country with IMAX® theaters, movie-lovers everywhere are able to experience the stunning visual impact of director Alfonso Cuarón’s 

The IMAX Experience

Gravity in its intended form. The director’s long immersive shots, vivid sound, and effort to turn every landmass, sunset, and storm into a living entity can only be fully appreciated in AMC Theatres’ IMAX® 3D. Only this technologically groundbreaking format could accommodate the unity of story, character, and emotion the director successfully transmitted through an all-encompassing display of visual and cinematographic elements. That’s why Gravity was nominated for 10 Academy Awards this year, including "Best Picture."

If you think you know what it is like to be transported by a film, think again. IMAX® 3D at AMC Theatres across the country has a picture that's bigger, higher, and wider than your field of vision—and the experience is as boundless as the cinema’s frame. High-resolution and insanely precise sound transforms a trip to the movies into an unforgettable journey. What was your greatest adventure?

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