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3 Reasons Hawaii Locals Install Solar Water Heaters December 26, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Reasons Hawaii Locals Install Solar Water Heaters, Honolulu, Hawaii

Homeowners who are ready to reduce the size of their carbon footprints choose solar water heaters to meet energy efficiency goals. Diamond Head Plumbing in Honolulu, HI, is a local company that’s determined to protect the āina they call home. Solar water heaters are powered by the sun, and continually-improving technology is making them a viable alternative to traditional water heating methods. Here’s why more Hawaii locals are choosing to replace their old water heaters with this energy-efficient option.

3 Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

1. Less Dependency on Natural Resources

Besides the thousands of homeowners who choose to power their homes with solar energy, most water heaters run with electricity, oil, or natural gas. All three of these energy types contribute to the depletion of Earth’s natural resources. They leave behind big carbon footprints that permanently affect the environment. Solar water heaters use the renewable and limitless power of the sun to do the same job. The sun shines in Hawaii all year long, and there’s no shortage of energy to worry about.

2. Lower Energy Bills

solar water heaterNot only is sunshine abundant in the Aloha State, but it’s also affordable. Homes that install solar energy systems see drastic reductions in their monthly utility bills. If you’re not ready to commit to powering your entire home with solar panels, a solar-powered water heater is a good first step.

3. Property Value

Society is beginning to recognize the need for energy reform, and green home features are becoming more desirable. Home buyers look for properties that are already equipped with energy-efficient appliances. Installing a solar water heater before you put your house on the market will allow you to up the asking price. Buyers will be attracted to the idea of saving the environment with lower energy costs.

If your old water heater is on its last leg or you’re ready to make an eco-friendly change, installing a solar water heater is a step in the right direction. You’ll need an experienced plumber, and Diamond Head Plumbing has you covered. They’ve been serving Oahu for 40 years and have a reputation for client satisfaction. Call them at (808) 734-4344 or visit their website to learn more about their plumbing services.

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