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Walworth Kennel Explains How to Put Pep Back in Your Senior Dog's Step December 7, 2017

Walworth, Wayne
Walworth Kennel Explains How to Put Pep Back in Your Senior Dog's Step, Walworth, New York

If you’ve had your dog for many happy years, their age may be starting to show—even when they are happily snuggled up in their favorite kennel. Over time, dogs can develop age-related health conditions, just like humans, which is why a focus on canine wellness is so important. Here are three ways to put some pep in your senior dog’s step, so you can ward off pet health problems. 

How to Reinvigorate an Older Dog

Seek Preventive Veterinary Care

kennelIt isn’t always easy to identify age-related pet problems, so schedule preventive veterinary care early and often. Ask the veterinarian at your kennel how often you should bring your animal in for checkups, and make sure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations. Also, if your pet hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, consider having the operation performed to extend their life span. 

Control Their Weight

The more your animal weighs, the harder each day will be on their heart, joints, and paws. To eliminate health issues, control your pet’s weight by feeding them a formula designed for older pets. These specialized dog foods are usually designed to be lower in calories, helping your animal control their weight while improving their overall nutrition. 

Create Exercise Opportunities 

Instead of letting your animal lounge around the house as they get older, create opportunities for exercise whenever you can. Take your pet on walks and encourage them to run and play. If you work a lot, hire a professional dog walker to get your animal out and about during the day. 


If you’re concerned about the health of your aging dog, the staff at Orchard Kennels in Walworth, NY, is committed to helping your canine live their best life. With a focus on larger breeds, these pet professionals understand the age-related challenges that plague bigger animals. For excellent kennel care close to home, schedule an appointment online or call (315) 986-1605 now.

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