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How Specials Needs Camp Helps Build Camper Confidence December 14, 2017

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How Specials Needs Camp Helps Build Camper Confidence, Bowie, Texas

Special needs camp provides a unique environment in which many kids with autism, Aspberger syndrome, and other mental and physical disabilities can shine. Summer camp is not just a place to make amazing memories and share a bunk with soon-to-be-friends; it is a place packed full of opportunities for kids to build confidence. Below are three ways your kids may discover more of their abilities and strengths at camp.

3 Ways Camper Confidence Grows at Special Needs Camp

1. Exploring Creativity

Making arts and crafts is a much-loved part of summer camp. Campers enjoy creating T-shirt designs, making toy kites, braiding friendship bracelets, crafting mobiles and more. Because of the support from fellow campers and counselors, many special needs children experience confidence boosts during these sessions as they think outside the box together.

2. Mastering New Skills

special-needs-summer-camp-sunset-txMany of the activities at special needs camp are new to campers. Archery, horseback riding, geocaching, and photojournalism are just a few skills campers could explore. Mastering new abilities gives kids the confidence to try something new and learn from their trials and successes.

3. Fostering Social Situations

Kids who have special needs often thrive when surrounded by same-ability peers. Sharing common ground can make it easier to make friends. In school, a child may be the only student in their class with similar needs, but at camp, they can see similarities in their fellow campers. Camp friends are pals that often last a lifetime, and thriving in social situations at camp helps kids gain confidence to make more relationships in school and the world outside of camp.


Special needs camp offers many unique benefits to campers, from creating lifelong friendships to developing a better appreciation of their abilities. Through the amazing activities and summer camps offered by Charis Hills Camp in Sunset, TX, children on the autism spectrum discover new hobbies and friends. Visit the website for more information about their Christian teachings, special needs care, and compassionate counselors. Call (940) 964-2145 to ask how to about how their staff can help your child discover confidence.

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