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When You Should Take Care of Teeth Whitening And Why Timing Matters December 15, 2017

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When You Should Take Care of Teeth Whitening And Why Timing Matters, Elyria, Ohio

With an abundance of teeth whitening products on the market, many people are eradicating age-old stains. Unfortunately, whitening at the wrong time could compromise the quality of your results. Here is a brief guide to the best time to whiten teeth and why it matters. 

When Should You Whiten Teeth?

The teeth whitening process tends to work best when your teeth are clean. To improve the quality of the results, whiten your teeth after professional cleanings where accumulated plaque and tartar are scraped away from dental surfaces. If you are whitening at home, do so after you have brushed your teeth, and avoid brushing after you are finished. Some dentists recommend whitening at night after you brush for the evening. This gives the whitening agent a chance to sit on your clean teeth. Plus, peroxide residues left after you rinse continue to lighten stains while you sleep. 

Why Timing Is Important

teeth whiteningThe timing is essential because it prevents problems like mottled dental colorations. For example, if you whiten teeth when they are dirty, food particles stuck in the teeth block the whitening agent from working in those areas, creating an unattractive, spotty look. Set a cell phone alarm reminding you to apply bleaching agents during certain days. This will always help you remember when it’s time to whiten your teeth. 


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