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Apartment Rental Company Shares 3 Tips for Keeping Energy Bills Low This Winter December 18, 2017

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Apartment Rental Company Shares 3 Tips for Keeping Energy Bills Low This Winter, Ashland, Kentucky

Reducing your energy bills in the winter can have several benefits, such as easing your impact on the environment and helping you save money. That’s why the experts at Tudor Oaks Properties—the premier apartment rental company in Ashland, KY—offer their cost-conscious advice to tenants. They understand the difficulties associated with reducing energy bills, so they gladly offer the following tips to help you cope.

3 Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Apartment Rental

1. Take Advantage of the Sun

The sun provides natural warmth, which tenants can use to their advantage. During the day, open the curtains on any south-facing windows. This will invite the sun’s light and heat into your home. At night, close these curtains to trap the heat inside. With this strategy, you can warm your house without using extra energy.

2. Cool Down at Night

You can also save significantly by turning your thermostat down around 10 degrees when you sleep. Invest in warmer bedding, such as flannel sheets and down comforters, and bundle up in the evenings. That way, you can still feel warm and comfortable without straining your heater.

3. Use Your Ceiling Fan

apartment rentalCeiling fans are also an excellent way to ventilate a home. While allowing them to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer will push hot air up, adjusting them to rotate clockwise in the winter will trap heat inside your home. Keep your fan on a slow setting so it gently preserves the warmth around it.

By using the sun and a ceiling fan, as well as bundling up at night, you can significantly decrease your energy bills this winter. If you need a new spot to settle down, turn to the apartment rental experts at Tudor Oaks Properties. Regardless of your budget and preferences, their team of rental property specialists will help you find an ideal home for rent. To learn more about their properties, give them a call today at (606) 325-1240. You can also find more information on the website.

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