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5 Specialty Pizzas to Try in Tennessee December 14, 2017

Crossville, Cumberland
5 Specialty Pizzas to Try in Tennessee, Crossville, Tennessee

For any Crossville, TN, restaurant, it’s no surprise that delicious pizzas are a fan favorites. In fact, locals flock to cozy Gondola Pizza & Steak House just to get a slice of their mouth-watering specialty pizzas. These are the pies that stray a bit from convention and add flair to the standard menu. Here’s just a taste of what’s being cooked up in their kitchen.

5 Delicious Specialty Pizzas at Gondola Pizza & Steak House

1. Mediterranean Special

specialty pizzaVegetarians aren’t limited at this inventive pizzeria whose creations rival pies made in Italy. The Mediterranean Special is a delight for those who don’t eat meat — it’s generously topped with spinach, tomato, and feta, which adds the perfect salty kick to an already-flavorful recipe.

2. Vegetarian Special

Of course, vegetarians sometimes prefer to stick to the classics. This pie is a veritable smorgasbord of onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and black and green olives.

3. House Special

Just one bite and you’ll understand why this enticing pizza is the house favorite. It’s loaded with meats and vegetables, including pepperoni, beef, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. Any meat-lover will return for this delectable dish.

4. Gondola Special

If you love the idea of lighter dining without sacrificing taste, try the Gondola Special. This specialty pizza is topped with sausage and finished with fresh onions and green peppers for a satisfying crunch. You’ll leave satisfied without feeling stuffed.

5. Hawaiian Special

Say aloha to this day-brightening pizza that nods to the beauty of the islands. Close your eyes, and you may even feel like you’re there once you bite into the savory-meets-sweet combination of ham and pineapple. It’s a tangy twist to a traditional slice.

There’s nothing like enjoying a great meal with some of your favorite people. The next time you’re at Gondola Pizza & Steak House, give one of their creative specialty pizzas a try — you’ll be so glad you branched out and tried something unforgettably good. Visit their website to view their menu, which is filled with great Greek food options for lunch and dinner. You can also call (931) 484-7647 to place an order.

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