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3 Common Issues With Commercial Deep Fryers December 19, 2017

Campbellsville, Taylor
3 Common Issues With Commercial Deep Fryers, Campbellsville, Kentucky

When you own a business that provides customers with a food service, it’s important that all of your cooking equipment is up and running at all times. The team at Commercial Refrigeration of KY in Campbellsville understand that your commercial deep fryers need to work at all times to keep your customers happy. To avoid the alternative, recognize these common problems so you can call for intervention.

If you’re experiencing issues with your cooking equipment, please hire a trained professional. Improper repairs can lead to fire, injury, and worse. To keep your staff, customers, and business safe, call an expert.

3 Common Commercial Deep Fryer Problems

1. Incorrect Temperature

If you notice that your fryer’s temperature seems off, use a thermometer to check. If it’s different from the temperature you’ve set it on, then the thermostat likely needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. Faulty Burners

commercial deep fryerWhether it’s a few flames or the entire burner, if the fryer is burning out when you turn on the knobs on your commercial deep fryer, then your burners might be clogged. To fix this, turn off the flame and use a wire brush to clean out any debris that made its way into the burner orifices. Once they’re clean, you should be able to turn them on and see if they’re working properly. If not, it’s likely a larger problem.

3. Extinguished Pilot Light

As a common issue with commercial deep fryers, a pilot light that won’t stay lit prevents your fryer burners from heating up. If you’re experiencing this issue with your commercial deep fryer, a broken thermopile is the most likely culprit.

If you’re having reoccurring issues with your commercial deep fryer or other cooking equipment, it might be time for a replacement. The restaurant equipment experts at Commercial Refrigeration of KY can help you choose the perfect fryer for your business. Servicing the entire Campbellsville area for over 30 years, their team has become a trustworthy member of the dining industry. Check out the top-of-the-line cooking equipment they carry on their website or give them a call at 606-679-2339 for more information.

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