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Paving Service Experts on Why You Should Have Potholes Repaired Immediately December 7, 2017

Henrietta, Monroe
Paving Service Experts on Why You Should Have Potholes Repaired Immediately, Henrietta, New York

Regardless of whether they show up in the parking lot of your place of business or your home’s driveway, potholes are a nuisance that can not only cause inconvenience but sometimes even costly damage. According to the paving specialists of Pittsford Paving in Rochester, NY, repairs have to be done right away. Here’s why:

  • To Prevent Car Damage: Potholes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some may have a sudden drop or sharp edges that can cause damage to your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems or puncture your tires. Paving over these potholes can prevent this and save you money in the long run. This is especially critical if you own a commercial space since you could be held liable for the damages sustained by your employees or customers.

  • To Prevent Injuries: You may think that potholes only affect motorists, butpaving even pedestrians who are simply passing by or walking from their cars run the risk of getting injured when they stumble over them. Filling and paving your lot’s potholes is a small price to pay for avoiding this hazard.

  • To Prevent Further Damage To Your Pavement: Since changing weather conditions will gradually wear down the surrounding asphalt, potholes will inevitably worsen when left unresolved. Vehicles driving over these potholes can also cause the pavement to erode further, making the hole even bigger. Don’t wait until these potholes become so huge that you’ll need extensive repair, or worse, resurface your entire lot. Hire a paving service now and minimize your repair costs.


Get rid of annoying potholes right away. Pittsford Paving knows exactly how to get the job done efficiently. Aside from paving, they also offer other services such as excavations, seal coating, and more. Contact them at (585) 424-3460 or check out their website to view pictures of some of their past projects.

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