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3 Reasons to Check Out Bremerton’s Newest Tobacco & Smoking Accessories Shop December 19, 2017

Port Malabar Country Club, Palm Bay
3 Reasons to Check Out Bremerton’s Newest Tobacco & Smoking Accessories Shop, Palm Bay, Florida

Quality, chemical-free tobacco at an affordable price — that’s the promise of the new smoking shop and accessories superstore coming to Bremerton, WA. With existing locations in Hobbs, NM, and Melborne and Palm Bay, FL, Smokes 4 Less has established a reputation as the go-to resource for tobacco users throughout the country. If you’re a smoker, there are several reasons you need to check out Bremerton’s new premier smoke shop.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Bremerton’s Newest Tobacco & Smoking Accessories Shop

1. Kick Off the New Year Right

Why not kick off the New Year by frequenting a place with great deals on roll-your-own kits? Smokes 4 Less is celebrating the grand opening of the Bremerton location in January 2018, and it’s sure to be the premier smoke shop in the area for all enthusiasts. Although it is a new location, the staff’s knowledge of their products and inventory are second to none, so you can enjoy a great shopping experience every time you walk in the door.

2. There Are New & Exciting Products

tobaccoSmokes 4 Less offers an array of 100% chemical-free tobacco and tube solutions to take your smoking game to the next level. Because their loose tobacco comes in a variety of cuts and flavors, you are sure to find the right blend for you. Never rolled your own smokes before? No problem! Their team can talk you through how to find the tobacco flavors that suit your taste profile.

3. Their Buying Power Means Low Prices for You

Smokes 4 Less buys tobacco in bulk, which means you can enjoy better pricing than simply going to the store. Their self-rolled smokes are approximately half the price of traditional cigarettes when buying by the carton, so you can afford the pleasure of smoking wherever, whenever you want. They also have veteran discounts, so you know you’ll always get the lowest price possible for all your tobacco and smoking accessories.

Life is too short to settle for a lackluster smoking experience. When you are looking for top-quality tobacco and smoking accessories, look no further than Smokes 4 Less’ new location in Bremerton, WA. For more information on their roll-your-own smoke selection, call (360-627-9477 after 2 Jan 2018 )or visit them online.

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