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Luxury Auto Dealer Shares a Brief Guide to What Makes the Vehicles Great for Driving in Snow January 6, 2018

Richmond Hill, Queens
Luxury Auto Dealer Shares a Brief Guide to What Makes the Vehicles Great for Driving in Snow, Queens, New York

From roomy interiors to hands-free, Bluetooth® controls, there are plenty of reasons to purchase a premium vehicle. According to the luxury auto dealers at Queens Auto Mall in Richmond Hill, NY, the handling capabilities in snow make top-of-the-line cars great for winters in the tri-State area. 

Below, greater New York City’s leading luxury auto dealer and auction house shares four key qualities that make these cars the best choice for all-weather driving:

  • luxury-auto-dealerHeadlight Washers & Wipers: Ice, snow, and salt buildup on headlights can be dangerous, greatly reducing visibility when driving at night. Many top-tier cars include headlight washers and wipers. When it’s snowing, they will continuously remove the powder before it accumulates.  
  • Traction Control: Driving at high speeds can be dangerous in the snow, as tires are more likely to slip and slide on the road during acceleration. To prevent this problem, many luxury sedans and SUVs include traction control. The electronic-based system uses sensors to detect and manage the speed of each wheel. A brake mechanism kicks into gear to slow any wheels that are going faster than the others.
  • Stability Control: Stability control is often integrated into luxury model vehicles as a safety system to assist with speed control. The system ensures car speeds stay in-line with the driver’s steering by managing braking function and power transmitted to the wheels. 
  • All-Wheel Drive: Sometimes, drivers experience trouble handling when trying to speed up in slippery conditions. When luxury vehicles include all-wheel drive, the drivetrain has front, central, and rear differentials that power all wheels simultaneously. This improves traction for better acceleration on winter roadways. Opting to include all-wheel drive will also boost car resale value if you ever plan to sell. 

If you are in the market for luxury vehicles at affordable prices in New York City or the Tri-State area, you’ll be impressed with the extensive selection of high-quality, efficient, pre-owned cars at Queens Auto Mall. To find out what’s currently on the Richmond Hill lot, call (718) 523-9090 to speak with a luxury auto dealer. Visit the auto mall online, and like them on Facebook, to see pictures of the vehicles. 

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