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How Do Deadbolts Work? December 7, 2017

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How Do Deadbolts Work?, Old Mystic, Connecticut

Security is on the top of everyone’s priority list. That’s why you’ll find deadbolt locks on the entry doors to most houses, apartments, and commercial spaces. While you’re probably familiar with locking and unlocking this piece of machinery, understanding the difference between this lock and others on the market is a touch trickier. 

Understanding Deadbolt Locks

How Do Deadbolts Work?

DeadboltA deadbolt lock includes a metal bar that clicks into the actual doorframe as opposed to simply prohibiting a knob from turning. This incredibly sturdy piece of metal makes it challenging for intruders to pick the lock and break into an entry door. The only way to turn a deadbolt is by inserting the proper key. Once inserted, it engages the appropriate pins to turn the bolt out of position. 

Why Are They Safer Than Doorknob Locks?

Doorknob locks are easier to pick and also easier to break entirely. Some burglars are even willing to unscrew your doorknob altogether to gain entry! Deadbolts, on the other hand, offer a secondary level of protection, since the bolt extends from the actual door into the accompanying frame. As a result of joining both pieces together, breaking in is much more of a challenge. Better still, deadbolts are available in both single- and double-cylinder options, meaning you can have a bolt that’s only lockable from one side or a version that can be locked and unlocked on both sides of the door. 


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