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What Are the Basics for Using Propane Safely? December 21, 2017

West Plains, Howell
What Are the Basics for Using Propane Safely?, West Plains, Missouri

Safety measures should be followed when using any fuel source, and propane is no different. While the fuel is a leading source for cooking, heating pools, and running generators, it’s naturally colorless and odorless and can be more difficult to detect than other types of fuel. Here, West Plains Propane in Howell County, MO, shares some safety measures for working with propane.

A Guide to Propane Safety

What Are Some Ways to Store & Handle It Safely?

Tanks should be kept in cool, dry environments outside the home. Keeping them inside the house could pose risks of fire, as well as inhalation. While accidentally inhaling small amounts of propane won’t pose any serious health risks, it shouldn’t be inhaled in high or concentrated doses.

In terms of handling propane, always use propane-fueled appliances according to manufacturer instructions. Should you ever need maintenance, don’t use your gas appliances before a professional can perform service or repairs.

What Are Some Ways to Minimize Risks?

propaneAlways keep open flames away from propane tanks, and never smoke near them. Keep an eye on your grill when cooking, and don’t ever let the flame get to a level at which you can’t control it. Also, don’t use an appliance such as an oven or range to heat an interior space; doing so could release dangerous gases into your living environment.

How Would I Identify a Leak?

At the time of your first delivery, ask the propane technician to help you identify the odor of the gas. Give your family members the training needed to detect a potential leak, and consider investing in a monitor as an added layer of protection.

West Plains Propane is committed to maintaining the utmost level of safety with every delivery, service, and repair they perform. Their team has been fulfilling the propane needs of Howell County residents for more than 56 years and offers outstanding support to help customers maintain safety and efficiency in their homes. Learn more about their services by calling (417) 256-3470 or visiting them online.

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