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3 Signs It’s Time for Concrete Repair December 15, 2017

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3 Signs It’s Time for Concrete Repair, Arthur, North Carolina

When your driveway, walkway, or concrete patio begins to show signs of age, it’s important that you have it repaired immediately. And, the pros at McCord Contractors encourage residents of the Greenville, NC, area to keep a watchful eye on the state of their concrete. By knowing what telltale signs to look for, you can ensure that you receive the concrete repair as soon as it’s necessary.

Top 3 Signs You Need Concrete Repair

1. Cracks

concrete repairIf you notice cracks in the driveway, it may be due to the expansion and contraction of soil caused by weather changes. Also, cracks in a basement wall may require further assessment, as they can be potentially dangerous to your foundation. While cracks may require a simple touch-up, they can also indicate that you need extensive repairs.

2. Uneven Appearance

Concrete that becomes more uneven than normal typically indicates a serious problem. It may be caused by weathering or poor foundation installation and, as a result, should be repaired right away. If ignored, this problem can continue to worsen and cause driveway walls to crumble.

3. Pooling Water

Water that pools on your concrete flooring is a sign that it’s not properly draining. Keep in mind that most concrete areas will be finished with a waterproof concrete coating. However, because this can wear away with time, you may need to repair the concrete and refinish with another waterproof coat.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to contact a professional for concrete repair or replacement. Turn to McCord Contractors for reliable and efficient concrete work. Serving communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, these experts have over 30 years of experience and a highly skilled team to ensure every project is completed to your specifications. Give them a call today at (252) 321-2009 to learn more about their services, or visit their website for more information.

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