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Importance of Keeping Your Propane & Oil Delivery Areas Clear of Debris & Snow December 18, 2017

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Importance of Keeping Your Propane & Oil Delivery Areas Clear of Debris & Snow, Palmyra, New York

Living in New York, you may have become accustomed to the snowy weather each winter. The propane and oil delivery experts at Main Energy of Palmyra, NY, have plenty of experience working in the local climate, but they often find it difficult to complete crucial deliveries when snow and other forms of debris get in the way. Here, these professionals share a few important reasons why you should always keep your delivery area clear.

Why You Should Keep Your Propane & Oil Delivery Areas Clear of Debris & Snow

1. Prevent Injuries

When deep snow covers and surrounds fill pipes, delivery personnel are at a higher risk of becoming injured. If any tools or toys were left out and covered with snow, these professionals might trip on them. In addition, ice-coated snow can become slippery and result in falls, while jagged ice may cause further injuries.

2. Avoid Delays

oil deliveryIn some instances, allowing snow and ice to cover pipes can result in delayed or canceled delivery. Because your home heating oil and propane are crucial to your family’s comfort during the freezing weather, you should never risk the consequences of missing a delivery. Instead, avoid issues by keeping the area clear.

3. Decrease Fatigue

Propane and oil delivery equipment is incredibly heavy and difficult to move, particularly when trudging through snow. As a result, many professionals become fatigued when dragging their heavy hose through such conditions. After doing so for an entire day, excessive fatigue puts them at risk of causing accidents.

To stay safe and avoid delays, make a diligent effort to keep your propane and oil delivery area clear of snow and debris. With their dedicated service, flexibility, and varied pricing options, Main Energy will work with you to ensure you stay warm all winter long. Reach out to a trusted team member today by calling (315) 597-5200. You can also like this company on Facebook for the latest updates.

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