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Learn Holistic Relaxation at This Wellness Retreat March 6, 2019

Kensington, 13
Learn Holistic Relaxation at This Wellness Retreat, 13, Maryland


April 25th – 29th, 2019

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 18% of Americans over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety. Clinicians aren’t excluded from this statistic: anxiety is thought to be a major driver of clinician burnout. Metro Collaborative™ has created a wellness retreat aimed at combating anxiety through instilling good health and wellness practices, repairing relationships with food, and promoting healing movement. Led and facilitated by Heidi Lyndaker, MS, LN, CNS, CPT, RYT, join us and learn how to make stress a thing of the past!

Promoting Movement

Metro Collaborative® health and wellness retreats are hosted on the beautiful Villa Serena in the Dominican Republic, where idyllic coastlines, blanket-soft sand, and gentle tides entice constant movement. Yoga, Zumba, relaxation, therapy, and water and land sports are performed under the guidance of esteemed health and wellness experts. They’ll guide you to a new relationship with movement, turning it into your path to freedom from anxiety.

Eating Clean

InWellness Retreat the Villa Serena, food isn’t just fuel. Clean, raw food, beautifully prepared to highlight every flavor and retain every nutrient, is medicine. Eating clean foods reduces the impurities that cause disease and stress in our bodies. Eating unclean foods can lead to the production of free radicals, molecules that bind to our cells and cause issues in their signaling and function. Clean food, on the other hand, can lead to the release of relaxing neurochemicals and the production of positive energy. Learn to appreciate and prepare the food you need to live your best.

Balancing the Mind & Body

Regular relaxation classes, frequent exercise, proper nutrition, and serene ambiance create the perfect scenario for getting back in touch with your mind and body. Metro Collaborative® wellness retreats are guided by health and wellness experts who will help you create a plan to incorporate your newfound relaxation and health into your everyday life.

Redefine your relationship with health and wellness in just five days. A trip to the Villa Serena is like a vacation that you can take back with you—building crucial relaxation skills that will get you through your stressful routine and help fight clinician burnout. Contact Heidi to register or visit online for more information. 

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