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3 Tips for Septic Tank Odor Control December 15, 2017

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3 Tips for Septic Tank Odor Control, Corbin, Kentucky

Septic tank odors, either indoors or outdoors, are never a good sign. In some cases, they can pose a health risk, but if it’s simply an unwanted smell, there are ways you can control the odor. The staff at Cox’s Septic Service in Corbin, KY, handle all aspects of septic tank maintenance and want to share a few tips for odor control. If you’re dealing with unpleasant scents, read on to learn more.

3 Tips for Managing Septic Tank Odors

1. Extend Your Vent Piping

septic tank Septic tank ventilation piping typically extends up through your house and out of your roof, but if you’re living in an older home, this might not be the case. The pipe may end inside of your attic or in a wall, and the only way to fix this is by extending the ventilation pipe. This should be handled by a qualified septic maintenance professional or plumber to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

2. Vent Obstructions

If your septic tank vent does extend through your ceiling, but you’re still experiencing unpleasant smells, it could mean your vent is blocked. This could be due to debris or pests, but it may also be caused by damage to the exposed piping. It’s important to treat this piping to properly hold up against the elements, and it should be regularly cleaned to ensure no future blockages occur.

3. Dry Drain Traps

To prevent septic gases from coming through your kitchen and bathroom drains, the piping system includes a trap for standing water. In hotter climates, however, this water may evaporate, leaving a dry trap where the gases can flow freely. To fix this, simply pour water down the drain if you smell septic gases. If the problem begins to occur regularly, you should have a professional inspect the trap for damages.

Before doing anything to your septic tank, it’s always best to speak with a professional, so turn to Cox’s Septic Service. They offer comprehensive septic system services, including cleaning and pumping, and will ensure yours is running effectively. Call (606) 528-4782 today to speak with their staff, and visit their website and Facebook to learn about their wastewater hauling services.

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