North Sea, New York
257 County Road 39A
Southampton, NY 11968
Mecox Gardens is proud to maintain a stunning display of antique furniture at the flagship store in Southampton, New York. For both New York City residents and local interior designers, there is always a new selection of garden furniture, home décor, accessories, and fine art to choose from. With beautiful displays, particularly during the sunny months, Southampton shoppers have the pieces they need to enhance the city’s already charming rural architecture.

Look Forward to Warmer Weather: Concrete & Faux Bois Furniture Will Transport You to Those Long Summer Nights March 5, 2014

North Sea, Suffolk County
Look Forward to Warmer Weather: Concrete & Faux Bois Furniture Will Transport You to Those Long Summer Nights, North Sea, New York

Across the country, an unseasonably cold and snowy winter has left citizens reeling, asking themselves: “Will spring ever come?”

The answer is, of course, yes! Another spring will inevitably bring relief from the cold, and eventually, summer’s glow will echo across the landscape inviting residents outdoors to enjoy delicious meals in the company of their closest friends and family.

There is one antique furniture store with a singular selection of custom furniture which offers an unmatched balance of indoor and outdoor living. Mecox has one-of-a-kind antique furniture, custom home décor, and unusual re-editions which inspire interior designers and design enthusiasts to look forward to a warm, wonderful summer of outdoor living.

From the furniture store’s selection of home and garden furnishings comes a series of versatile, iconic faux bois and concrete patio furniture. Faux bois is a type of garden furniture credited to the French. Faux bois translates directly to “fake wood,” a name which nods to the softness of traditionally concrete pieces marked by the appearance of artfully stained, weathered branches. Faux bois garden décor and concrete furniture, like Mecox’s functional, flexible, and durable concrete tables, resolves outdoor furniture needs in a fashionable, unique way.

For a particularly eclectic look, and one that brings rich organic qualities to your garden or patio design, consider Mecox’s Small

Small Branch Faux Bois Bench

Branch Faux Bois Bench (pictured right). This intricately designed bench is a small faux bois concrete and steel framed bench which will withstand the elements for years. Use it as a stand-alone piece, or train clematis to grow around your beautifully sculpted bench to genuinely integrate nature and design.

Trestle Base Concrete Dining TableOne of the furniture store’s most popular pieces is this Trestle Base Concrete Dining Table (pictured left). The table's vintage-inspired trestle base is beautifully constructed with reclaimed pine--artfully re-purposing an old element to create something new. This piece is elegant enough for indoor use and durable enough to be the centerpiece of any outdoor patio or garden space.

Faux bois and concrete patio furniture, like the aforementioned pieces, are representative of Mecox’s continually updating influx of home and garden furnishings. The Mecox look is one of unparalleled individuality, with an unwavering insistence on quality, texture, and form. Look forward to warmer weather by browsing the furniture store’s collection of vintage looks for the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living.

It is never too early to start planning for long summer nights, sipping wine around a beautiful, handcrafted table with the ones you love.

Don't forget to check back with Mecox online to read expert advice on how to care for your outdoor furniture.