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The Best Ways to Care for Your Trees December 13, 2017

Harbor Point, Stamford
The Best Ways to Care for Your Trees, Stamford, Connecticut

Trees provide many benefits to landowners, such as improving aesthetic appeal and providing shade and protection for wildlife. Mature trees can be particularly valuable, as they require a significant amount of time to grow. For these reasons, it’s important to properly maintain tree health year-round with arborist equipment. But what exactly does this involve? Consider a few tips below to ensure you properly care for your trees.

How to Care for Your Trees with the Right Arborist Equipment

Protect the Roots

A healthy tree needs healthy roots, and healthy roots need soil. To protect the tree’s roots, you should focus on maintaining nutritious soil within the critical root zone. There should be enough space for oxygen and water filtration, so keep it from becoming compacted, as this can damage the roots and prevent the rest of the tree from growing.

Prune Properly

arborist equipmentEvery spring, trees push out new growth, so it’s a good idea to prune unnecessary branches with the right arborist equipment during the dormant winter season. Look for branches that cross or rub against each other, as this can create wounds in the bark. You should also remove dead and broken branches with a clean cut.

Water When Needed

Some trees are extremely sensitive to droughts or low moisture levels in the soil. If this occurs, you should provide infrequent, deep watering for your trees. While this won’t be necessary during the dormant winter season, you may need to do this during hot, dry summers.


When you need the necessary arborist equipment to properly care for your trees, reach out to Muench Company. Based in Stamford, CT, this tree care supplies business offers everything you need for healthy, mature trees. Whether you need tree pruning equipment, fertilizer, or woodchippers, their team can help you find the right option for your needs. Give them a call today at (203) 323-9712 or visit them online to learn more about their inventory, or like them on Facebook for the latest updates.
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