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How Well-Designed Screen Rooms Add Value to Your Home March 1, 2018

Dothan, Houston
How Well-Designed Screen Rooms Add Value to Your Home, Dothan, Alabama

From a ranch-style house to a recently renovated Victorian manor, screen rooms can elevate the appeal of any home. While screen rooms are not as widely employed as other home upgrades, they work just as well to add value to your home. Before starting your renovations, Stor all Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing offers a few benefits of well-designed screen rooms.

Entertain Year-Round

Screen RoomsDuring the warmer seasons, pesky bugs and hotter temperatures make hosting outdoor parties more difficult. Screen rooms offer added protection against these less-desirable elements of the outdoors. The enclosure keeps out the bugs and shades you and your guests from extreme temperatures. However, a well-designed screen room relies heavily on positioning. All you have to do is find the side of your home that offers the best views.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

The first thing that people see when they look at your home is the exterior. This is why adding a dash of curb appeal to your home instantly adds value to the property. The addition of a screen room is seen as an extension of your indoor living space. Wraparound and entryway designs are an interesting way to add character to your home.

Create Long-Lasting Value

In many cases, as items age, they begin to depreciate and lose some value. More mainstream home upgrades have a short life expectancy. While well-designed and -constructed screen rooms initially cost more, they also last longer. And a long-lasting screen room is an investment worth making, as these types of rooms have stayed in style throughout the decades.

Adding a screen room to your home is a major improvement that needs the assistance of professionals. Stor All Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing is staffed by building contractors who are ready to tackle your screen room renovation. Give them a call at (334) 685-0175 or visit their website to get an idea of their work.

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