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HVAC System Simple Fix for Uncomfortable Rooms December 21, 2017

New York, Bronx
HVAC System Simple Fix for Uncomfortable Rooms, New York, New York

If you suffer from temperature imbalances in your home, it may be due to your HVAC systems. Rooms that are far away from heating and cooling units can often have a negative impact on your most favorable temperature. This can lead to difficulty sleeping and general discomfort. However, there is a simple fix for those uncomfortable rooms in your home: the Hot Spot / Cold Spot by Mitsubishi Electric®.

The Simple HVAC System Solution for Uncomfortable Rooms

What Is the Hot Spot / Cold Spot?

The Hot Spot / Cold Spot by Mitsubishi Electric is a single-zone solution to traditional HVAC systems. They are designed to allow individuals to set the ideal temperature for a single room in their home. Rather than relying on central cooling and heating systems, which often don’t properly heat or cool the entire home and fluctuate in temperature depending on the season. This simple fix is a great solution to the standard models on the market.

How Do They Work? 

hvac systemsThis individual heating and cooling system keeps you comfortable all year long. One of its beneficial features is it’s quick and easy installation. Rather than installing into the window like many traditional air conditioning systems, this sleek design connects to either your indoor or outdoor unit. Your professional Mitsubishi Electric contractor will install your system quickly with minimal disruption to the daily activities of your home.

What Are the Additional Benefits?

Many companies are making continuous efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards a sustainable future. Keeping this in mind, another great benefit of the Hot Spot / Cold Spot is that it’s energy-efficient. Mitsubishi Electric uses an inverter technology that allows you to maintain your ideal temperature while using a minimum amount of energy. This not only reduces your environmental impact, but also decreases your energy bills.


The Hot Spot / Cold Spot HVAC system by Mitsubishi Electric comes in a variety of designs sold at Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning in the Bronx, NY. One of the most trusted heating and air conditioning system providers in the area, their quality products and services will keep you comfortable all year long. Learn more about the Hot Spot / Cold Spot for single-zone comfort online or call (718) 885-3328 for more information.

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