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Is it Time to Hire an Answering Service? 5 Signs You Should Make the Switch December 13, 2017

Central Business District, Rochester
Is it Time to Hire an Answering Service? 5 Signs You Should Make the Switch, Rochester, New York

Ringing phones are often an indicator that a business is in high demand—but when those calls take professionals away from their jobs, it can be tough to keep up. Answering services are designed to help pick up that slack, offering an outsourced solution to taking important calls from your clients and streamlining your services. As a leading provider of customer service solutions in Rochester, NY, Action Telephone Exchange highlights five common signs you need an answering service to accelerate your business operations.

5 Clues Your Business Needs an Answering Service   

1. Messages Lack Detail

If your voicemail inbox is crammed with messages that lack vital information about the call, you might be at a loss trying to figure out how to best serve the client. Instead of having to play phone tag and source the details you need, you can hire an answering service to take calls immediately and take down information to help you deliver the best response to the customer.

2. Calls Come in After You’re Closed

answering serviceWhile closing time may keep people from coming into your business, it won’t necessarily stop the calls. What’s worse, most customers are reluctant to leave messages out of a belief that they won’t get a response. If you’re tired of taking late calls out of fear that you’ll miss an opportunity, outsourced customer support can give you peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Phones Are Distracting Your Team

Whether you work in a medical office or fulfill contracting needs, providing your utmost attention to the job is critical to success. If excessive phone calls are draining workplace productivity, it might be time to look for additional support.

4. You’re Receiving Poor Customer Service Ratings

Placing customers on hold for minutes on end can result in poor feedback, which may eventually put a dent in your profits. With ample staff on hand, answering services can remain patient and pleasant with your clients, while minimizing wait times.

5. Reception Staff is Costing Too Much

Full-time receptionists may be able to alleviate the pressure of incoming calls, but only to a certain point. As demand grows, you’ll likely need to hire more employees, causing staffing costs to skyrocket. Instead of having to accommodate salary and benefit needs, you can hire a dependable answering service and save money.

Whether you’re experiencing these challenges or want to provide your customers with the smoothest communication possible, Action Telephone Exchange is here to simplify matters. Providing 24/7 customer service solutions in Rochester, NY, this team is equipped to handle the heaviest of call volumes while keeping clarity and convenience a priority. And as a team that is experienced in a variety of industries, they can easily adapt to meet the needs of busy workplaces, including property management, medical, and heating providers. Learn more about their impressive capabilities online or call (585) 232-3920 to find out how they can customize services for your business.

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