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Get Your Best Rest at Home With the Hotel Bedding Finder January 9, 2018

Mason, Warren
Get Your Best Rest at Home With the Hotel Bedding Finder, Mason, Ohio

If you have ever stayed at a fine hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast and found you slept especially well because of the high-quality hotel bedding, you may have experienced the comfort of DOWNLITE. The national company provides pillows, comforters, and other bedding products in properties around the world, and offers those same products for purchase to use in your home. Their unique Hotel Finder can help you find items featured in hotel rooms so quality rest is attainable no matter where you are.

The DOWNLITE database includes over 450 hotels that carry their bedding. Simply access the Hotel Finder from the menu on the company’s website. Then, enter the name of the property where you stayed in the search field to find your hotel. Your results will display photos, information, and prices for the hotel bedding that property or resort has purchased. If you cannot find your hotel in the database, you can contact DOWNLITE and they will look it up for you.

hotel beddingAn even more efficient way to guarantee you purchase the exact bedding you enjoyed during a hotel stay is to take a photo of the law tag on the pillow or comforter before you check out of your room. All you will need is the style and model number on the law tag. This alphanumeric code consists of capital letters and numbers. Use this code to search for and purchase the perfect bedding on the DOWNLITE site. The company has a short video explanation on the Hotel Finder page to guide you along the way. It’s that easy—and soon you’ll be enjoying the same level of comfort at home that you experienced in a fine property or resort.

Ready to start enjoying resort-style comfort in your home? Contact the professionals at DOWNLITE. Call them today at (866) 931-3696 to learn more, or visit them online and use the Hotel Finder to locate and purchase the perfect hotel bedding for a quality night’s sleep at home.