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Children's Dentist Reveals 3 Reasons Behind Bleeding Gums in Kids December 14, 2017

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Children's Dentist Reveals 3 Reasons Behind Bleeding Gums in Kids, Anchorage, Alaska

Teeth and gums are incredibly sensitive in adults as well as children. If you notice your child’s gums are bleeding, it doesn't necessarily indicate an emergency. In fact, according to Alaska Dentistry for Kids, a top children's dentist in Anchorage, AK, the cause could be incredibly simple and easy to fix.

3 Causes of Bleeding Gums

1. Dental Regimen

children's dentistAn inconsistent or improper dental regimen is one of the most common causes of bleeding gums. If a child is brushing their teeth with too much force, this can cause irritation. Check the state of their toothbrush. If the bristles are bent, talk with them about brushing more softly. On the other hand, even gentle cleanings can cause bleeding if the routine is inconsistent. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent further bleeding.

2. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one type of gum disease that can occur when too much plaque and bacteria builds up in the mouth. Other signs of this issue include redness, tenderness, and bad breath. This can often be solved through consistent and proper oral care. If the gingivitis continues, visit your children's dentist for help.

3. Vitamin K Deficiency

Children require very specific amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nourishment in order to stay healthy and grow properly. This is true for their teeth as well. Vitamin K is a powerhouse at stopping and preventing bleeding. If your child is lacking it, their body is not able to clot the injury as quickly. This results in longer bleeding time. Kids can intake vitamin K naturally by ingesting leafy greens, broccoli, and even spring onions.

If your child comes to you with bleeding gums, consider one of these potential causes. If the issue persists, visit a children's dentist near you. Those in Anchorage, AK, trust Alaska Dentistry for Kids. Their elite staff can handle cleanings, fillings, and special needs dentistry. Their focus is on providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere for all of their visitors. For more information, visit their website or call (907) 274-2525 today.

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