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3 Common Types of Delivery Services December 14, 2017

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3 Common Types of Delivery Services, Brighton, Colorado

Not all delivery services are created equal. In fact, understanding the differences between popular options is crucial to ensuring you access the right service at the best price possible. The team at Paqueteria Hernandez has served Denver, CO, residents for more than two decades. Here, they offer a simple guide to three common types of delivery services.

Your Guide to Delivery Services

1. Shipping Service

This is the standard service one might expect from the post office. It is typically beneficial for those in search of an affordable option and who don’t have a strict deadline. Standard shipping usually entails an estimated delivery time and is best for items that range in size from small to medium.

2. Courier Service

delivery serviceGenerally, customers hire couriers to deliver small packages or important documents by hand to the recipient. A courier service tends to be more expensive than standard shipping, but you’ll have more options. For instance, same-day service means your item will be delivered on the day the notice was received. You can also opt for overnight service, which would result in the item being delivered on the next business day. 

3 . Logistics Service

Logistics usually involves exceedingly large shipments, such as those that are in bulk or especially heavy, or valuable items that require a pallet or are in a container. Frequently, ships or aircrafts are required to complete the delivery. Customers will also be given options to keep their items in a warehouse and can discuss any security concerns with the manager.

Based in Brighton, CO, Paqueteria Hernandez goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting customer expectations. They offer a variety of affordable, reliable services and are the only company in the area that sends packages to Mexico. If you’d like to speak to a representative about your specific needs, call (720) 480-9071 today.

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