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3 Questions to Ask a Dirt Bike Dealer December 7, 2017

Withamsville, Union
3 Questions to Ask a Dirt Bike Dealer, Union, Ohio

Those who enjoy the feeling of high speeds, the wind in their face, and a little mud on their boots will love dirt biking. No matter your experience, a variety of models are available at your local dirt bike dealer to suit your style. If you are ready to invest, though, you should ask specific questions beforehand to guarantee the item you purchase is high-quality.

What to Ask a Dirt Bike Dealer

1. How Many Owners?

dirt bike dealerIf you are buying a used dirt bike, you must know the number of previous owners. If a bike has been passed down to multiple people, its quality may be lower because people ride with different styles. It is more likely that the bike was ridden roughly if it was a temporary investment. Your best option is to ask your dirt bike dealer for options with only one or two past owners.

2. How Many Miles?

Another indication of a bike's age and quality is the number of miles it has seen. As with any other motorized vehicle, a dirt bike will start to wear down after so many miles. Likewise, where the miles were driven also makes a difference. Were the majority on dirt? This terrain is harder on the bike and may cause it to break down sooner.

3. Can I Go for a Test Ride?

Both new and used motorbikes should always be tested before they’re purchased. Ask your dirt bike dealer to allow you a quick drive around the block. Listen to the engine as your drive and take note of the way it moves and feels. Be sure it is comfortable, not too noisy, and smooth. Is it easy to start up? How is the handling? You want to feel safe and secure on a dirt bike before taking it home.


Whether this is your first or fifth bike, asking a few questions allows you to purchase a ride you’re happy with for years to come. In Cincinnati, OH, Beechmont Motorsport is the trusted dirt bike dealer. Offering both new and used selections from top brands like Yamaha® and Honda®, they have something to fit every need. Visit their website to browse their inventory today, and call (513) 752-0088 for more information.

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