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3 Differences Between Boilers & Furnaces December 20, 2017

Springfield, Erie
3 Differences Between Boilers & Furnaces, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Most people don’t take an interest in how their homes are heated. That philosophy might work for a renter, but homeowners need to know whether they have a boiler or a furnace. While there are many differences between the two, here are the main differences between boilers and furnaces to help you determine how your home is heated.

What Are the Differences Between a Boiler & Furnace?

1. Heat Type

boilerDespite how it feels when you get cozy on the couch, not all heat is the same. Boilers produce heat from hot water; that’s why they’re also sometimes called water heaters (not to be confused with the hot water heater that fuels your morning showers). A furnace, on the other hand, doesn’t use water at all; a chemical reaction creates warm air that’s then circulated through the home.

2. Distribution

Boilers come with closed circuits that start in the appliance itself and then follow a path toward the radiators, baseboards, and other equipment. The heat is released at these points while the cooling water is sent back to the boiler. For a furnace, warm air is distributed through a series of ducts. The ducts are located behind the walls and serve as hidden pathways that lead to different rooms in the house.

3. Maintenance

For a boiler, you’ll need to schedule regular inspections with a heating contractor before every winter. They’ll look for loose connections and dirty components that could cause future problems. Furnaces typically require more maintenance due to the air filters. Filters should be cleaned or replaced every few months, depending on specific use and whether or not you smoke or have pets.


If you want your home to stay comfortable no matter what the temperature, understanding your heating system is the first step. Find an experienced contractor to inspect your property and tell you what you need to know. Property owners in West Springfield, PA, choose Adams Heating & Cooling to help with their furnace or boiler problems. Their team of trained technicians guarantees honest answers to questions and reliable service. Schedule a free consultation by calling (814) 922-7786, or visit their website to learn about their furnace or boiler repair services.

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