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Know What to Look For During a Used Car Test Drive With These 4 Tips December 18, 2017

Puyallup, Pierce
Know What to Look For During a Used Car Test Drive With These 4 Tips, Puyallup, Washington

Buying a used car is a smart choice for many individuals. Not only does it supply the buyer with a quality vehicle, but it also saves about half off the original price. However, as with any purchase, you have to use some caution when considering a used product. The easiest way to reduce your chances of getting stuck with a lemon is to pay attention during the test drive and perform the following four steps.

4 Steps to Perform During a Used Car Test Drive

1. Check the Level of Comfort

used carHow comfortable do you feel in the vehicle? Does it seem too unwieldy or does it respond immediately to your direction? The amount of comfort that you feel behind the wheel of a used car is a major factor to consider during a test drive. If you’re uncomfortable driving the vehicle, you’ll likely never feel as safe as you’d like on the road.

2. Look at the Exterior

Before or after the test drive, take a moment walk around the vehicle. Look for any scratches or dents that may be visible on the surface and don’t hesitate to ask about the ones that you do find. These could indicate a possible issue with the car, so it’s best to get a clear answer about its condition from the car dealership before making a purchase.

3. Test Out the Technology

If there’s an assortment of technology in the vehicle, you should test it out. Don’t worry about spending too much time pushing buttons and changing settings. The important thing is to ensure that everything works as it should so that you won’t have to worry about paying for an unexpected repair later on down the road.

4. Drive at Different Speeds

Every car handles differently depending on its speed, which is why it’s recommended to take the vehicle on various roads during your test drive. This will demonstrate how it handles sudden bumps in the road, how responsive the steering wheel is, and the time it takes to get up to speed when entering a highway.


If you’re looking for a seller of quality used cars, then Puyallup Car & Truck of Pierce County, WA, is the place to go. These professionals have extensive knowledge about the vehicles they feature on their lot and strive to make the car-buying process as stress-free as possible. You can call (253) 864-3454 to talk directly with a representative about stopping in for a test drive, or visit them online for additional information about this local used car dealer.

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