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An Animal Hospital’s Top 3 Tips to Protect Your Pet During the Winter December 13, 2017

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An Animal Hospital’s Top 3 Tips to Protect Your Pet During the Winter, South Shenango, Pennsylvania

Both cats and dogs alike love to romp around or lie under the sun when it is warm out. However, when the cold weather arrives, how they spend their time must change to protect their well-being. According to Countryside Veterinary Service Middlefield, an animal hospital serving northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania, below are some easy ways pet owners can protect their furry friends from the wrath of winter.

3 Tips From an Animal Hospital to Protect Your Pet This Winter

1. Be Mindful of Your Dog’s Paws

Although it is cold out, this does not stop your dog’s need to be let out; nor should it prevent you from walking them a few times a week. However, their paws are at risk of frostbite and picking up the toxic chemicals used to melt snow and ice. To prevent any damage to their paws, purchase some booties for their outside adventures. If your pup absolutely refuses to wear them, always bring a towel to wipe down their paws in the event they step in deicer or salt.  

2. Consult a Veterinarian About Temperature Resistance

animal hospitalMany pet owners believe cats and dogs are resistant to cold temperatures because they have fur, but like people, this tolerance can vary from one pet to the next. Short-haired breeds shouldn’t be allowed outside for long, as they are susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. Long-haired and thick-coated pets, such as huskies and Maine Coons, are more tolerant of the cold weather. If you are unsure if your animal should still be allowed outside when it is cold, it is best to discuss it with your vet.

3. Keep Young & Old Pets Inside

Puppies and kittens as well as older cats and dogs don’t have the fat, metabolism, or the full coat required to keep them warm when the temperatures are frigid outside. So, it is best to keep them indoors as much as possible under these circumstances. Also, no matter what age your pet is, when snow or water causes their fur to get wet, it can dramatically lower their body temperature.

For more ways you can protect the health and safety of your pet, contact Countryside Veterinary Service Middlefield. This full-service animal hospital is dedicated to providing the finest care to all pets in northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania. Visit this clinic’s website to learn more about their services and additional locations.

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