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3 Ways to Prepare for Your First Bass Fishing Competition December 14, 2017

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
3 Ways to Prepare for Your First Bass Fishing Competition, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Bass fishing has taken the outdoor sports world by storm and is now the center of many tournaments. The ability to compete in such a thrilling event is certainly exciting, but it takes a great deal of practice and preparation to do so. To get ready for this test of your skills, anglers need to keep a few items in mind. 

Below are three tricks to help better prepare yourself:

  • Keep Clothes in Mind: While you may assume that any old garb will work for a fishing competition, the reality is that some clothing can be extremely restrictive and impede your ability to move freely. The key to choosing the right getup for competition day is to think total comfort and protection. Bring light, breathable layers that you can add or take off as the weather permits. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat and rain gear.  
  • bass fishingInspect Your Gear: To be prepared for a fishing competition, you need to make sure you have all of the fishing gear you need–and then some. Before the big day, double check that you have all of the tackle and bait you need, plus, you should look over your fishing pole to ensure everything is in place. A last-minute, gear-related emergency can leave you at a loss and will put you a step behind your competitors. 
  • Know Your Competition: Some may assume the other anglers are who they should watch out for. In reality, it’s the lake and the fish themselves that pose the real challenge. Make yourself familiar with the area you’ll be bass fishing in on the day of the competition as well as the particular banks where fish are populous. Competitors should make a note of which hours are prime for catching and which generally produce a smaller intake. This knowledge will certainly give you a leg up on the competition and will make for a more fruitful victory. 


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