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What Is Flowable Fill? December 7, 2017

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What Is Flowable Fill?, Milford, Connecticut

Flowable fill is a self-consolidating cementitious mixture known for its flowable consistency. It was initially developed to solve recurring problems caused by poorly compacted soil. With technology advancement, it can now be used in different applications, such as a backfill option for work around pipes and culverts. No other supplier understands flowable fill and other ready-mix concrete products better than The L. Suzio York Hill Companies in Meriden, CT. They can provide your commercial or residential construction project with the highest quality concrete and stone materials.

What Are the Applications of Flowable Fill?

Flowable fill is gaining greater acceptance in construction because it’s a cheaper alternative to granular fill. Due to its consistency and self-leveling properties, flowable fill easily enters areas that are difficult to access. It provides a relatively uniform compaction density, so manual compaction and entry to an excavation site are no longer necessary. Flowable fill is often used as backfill for sewer trenches, retaining walls, and road cuts. It can also serve as a foundation sub base, pavement base, and conduit bedding. Other applications include erosion control, thermal insulation, wells, and underground storage tanks.

What to Consider When Ordering Flowable Fill?

flowable fillYou should state the intended use for the flowable fill to your ready-mix concrete producer, and whether or not excavatability in the future is expected. By doing so, they can develop the correct mixture proportions. Strength is an important factor to consider. Other factors to bear in mind include setting, density, flowability, subsidence, permeability, and durability. Flowable fill is delivered by truck and can be conveyed through pumps, chutes, or buckets.

For the highest quality ready-mix concrete products, asphalt, and other material supply, rely on The L. Suzio York Hill Companies. They will provide materials for foundations, road work, and concrete flatwork jobs of all sizes. Visit their website or call (203) 237-8421 for more information.

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