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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Guitar Lessons January 11, 2018

South Beach, Staten Island
3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Guitar Lessons, Staten Island, New York

If you’ve decided to take up the guitar, take pride in knowing you’ll soon be playing a marvelous instrument capable of producing beautiful music. While that alone can be both daunting and exciting, it’s helpful to consider that a solid set of guitar lessons benefits your progress. Here are a few ways to make the most of your time spent strumming in class.

How to Maximize Your Guitar Lessons

1. Practice Regularly

It’s not enough to simply walk into class, pick up a few new skills, and wait until the next lesson to pick up your guitar again. Take advantage of the many opportunities to casually pick it up and practice, whether you’re relaxing in your living room before bed or giving your family an impromptu concert. Spend at least half an hour working on your craft for three or four days a week to hear some serious results.

2. Learn to Focus

Staten Island, NY guitar lessonsWhile it’s exciting to envision yourself as the next big celebrity, don’t get carried away when you’re still learning. Remember that guitar lessons are all about development. These early stages will help you hone your talents so that one day you can perform before a crowd. In the meantime, take your time, be patient, and focus on your technique.

3. Practice Versatility

It’s possible a particular musician inspired you to take guitar lessons. Though it’s beneficial to carry that inspiration with you as you develop your skills, you should expand your horizons and embrace different types of music. If you love jazz and can’t contemplate playing a rock song from the 1980s, give it a try. It’s the best way to test your mettle as a player and surprise your instructor at your next music lesson.


Practice makes perfect, and that’s why guitar lessons play an important role in helping develop your skills. DEA Music and Art is the leading source for singing lessons, art classes, and vocal classes for children in Staten Island, NY. Skilled instructors teach students the value of developing both skills and confidence, which play an important role in any successful guitar player’s life. Visit their website to learn more, or call (718) 370-7333 today.

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