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How Long Should Your Ink Cartridge & Printer Last? December 28, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
How Long Should Your Ink Cartridge & Printer Last?, Staten Island, New York

If you’re experiencing problems with your printer, it might be hard to tell whether the trouble lies with the machine itself or the ink cartridge. Printer repairs can add up if your machine is on its way out, so it’s important to understand how long your printer should reasonably be expected to last. Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. in Staten Island, NY, is the local expert on printer and PC repairs, and they offer some valuable guidance on this topic.

How Long Do Ink Cartridges & Printers Last?

Ink Cartridges 

printer repairThe life span of an ink cartridge is dependent on several variables, including the type of printer you’re using, the size of the cartridge, how often you print, and the type of prints you’re making. If you’re printing ink-heavy photos or flyers, for instance, the ink will run out much sooner than if you’re just printing text. Low-cost printers typically use smaller ink cartridges, which run out of ink sooner. But if you’re an average inkjet printer user, you can expect to replace the cartridge every few months.


The longevity of your printer can also vary. The type, quality, and level of use all play a role in determining how long it will last. As with most electronics, you get what you pay for: cheaper models tend to be of lower quality and will need to be replaced sooner. But if you take care of your machine and use a reputable repair shop for small problems, you can expect an inkjet printer to last about three years and a laser printer to last five.

If your printer is not working properly, don’t replace it just yet. The experienced technicians and Alpha Laser Richmond Corp can help diagnose and repair your machine and bring it back to life. With a service department that caters to all five boroughs and a wide selection of ink cartridges and laser toner, they have all of your printer needs covered. For more information, visit their website or call (718) 317-1263 today.

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