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An Introduction to Midwifery & How It Can Benefit You December 13, 2017

Lebanon, New London
An Introduction to Midwifery & How It Can Benefit You, Lebanon, Connecticut

When it comes to choosing your birth plan or deciding where to give birth, many moms are opting for a more natural route. Midwifery services give expecting parents the assistance they need to take this approach. Traditional Midwifery Care in Lebanon, CT, has nearly 30 years of experience helping moms and their babies with natural birthing options. If you're considering bringing a midwife on for your journey, here is some information you should know. 

What Is Midwifery?

midwiferyMidwifery is the profession of someone who assists women during childbirth, many of which focus on the most natural process possible. Midwives can offer prenatal care, help develop birth plans, and be there to see out a healthy natural childbirth or water birth, depending on the woman's preferences. They're there as physical and emotional support to help throughout the entire journey. 

How Is It Beneficial?

Midwife services are beneficial because they help to ensure the mom and baby's needs are at the forefront of the birth. Some women want to experience childbirth in a natural setting, away from medications and hospitals, and a midwife can make that happen. Because of their extensive knowledge in reproductive health and prenatal care, they are there to help before, during, and post-baby. You'll get the chance to meet with the midwife, go over your preferences and medical history, and develop a plan that best suits your wants and needs. 

If you're searching for an experienced and compassionate midwife in the Lebanon, CT, community, look no further than Traditional Midwifery Care. Owner Nancy Farr is a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives and can help with everything from holistic prenatal care to natural home childbirth completing with nurturing postpartum care. This continuity of care with the same provider has many benefits to the birthing woman. To learn more, visit online or call (860) 463-7674 to set up a consultation with Nancy today. 

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