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The Impact of the STEAM Movement on STEM Learning December 12, 2017

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The Impact of the STEAM Movement on STEM Learning, Bellbrook, Ohio

In a competitive global market, educators throughout the United States focus on math and science to prepare students to become leaders in technology, engineering, and medicine. Unfortunately, this means art and literature often take a backseat in lesson plans. However, studies have found that reading and art bolster the critical thinking and creativity needed for professional success. That’s why the STEAM movement is steadily gaining popularity in classrooms and projects throughout the country, incorporating art into STEM learning

How the STEAM Movement Is Changing STEM Learning

Understanding the Main Objective of STEAM

STEM LearningOne of the main objectives of any artistic pursuit is exploration. Through discovery, peoples’ minds develop accountability, flexibility, and awareness. STEAM essentially uses arts-based activities, such as singing, painting, and ceramics, to supplement learning in math and science. 

Highlighting How the Movement Benefits STEM Learning

Often, science education is presented in a structured framework of problem-solving activities, textbook lessons, and additional traditional coursework. Presenting these ideas in an unstructured way, such as building scientific models, testing hypotheses through activities, and learning principles through group songs, helps people broaden their scopes of understanding. When anyone has tangible examples of their work, they develop a strong sense of ownership of these ideas and a more active interest in the learning process. 


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