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Professional Locksmith Shares 3 Advantages of Electronic Locks December 12, 2017

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Professional Locksmith Shares 3 Advantages of Electronic Locks , Preston, Connecticut

Although most homes still have traditional key locks, it’s becoming more popular among homeowners to switch to electronic code locks. There are many reasons to call a locksmith and make this upgrade for your home. For the residents of Quaker Hill, CT, and the surrounding communities, there’s no other company more reliable than A Scalia Lock & Key for high-quality, fast, and affordable lock and key services. Below, they share some of the top advantages of electronic locks.

Local Locksmith Discusses 3 Benefits of Electronic Door Locks

1. Convenience

One of life’s greatest inconveniences is trying to find your keys to unlock the door while your arms are full. With an electronic lock, this is no longer a concern, nor is the possibility of accidentally locking yourself out. You won’t have to worry about calling your locksmith to rescue you. All you have to do is punch in your code, and you’ll be inside.

locksmith2. Child Safety

Keypads also eliminate the need for your children to carry house keys. This is especially important if they’re typically home before you are. It is easy for kids to lose or misplace keys, and if they have to wait outside, it can pose a risk to their safety. In addition, after punching their code into the keypad and going inside, the door will automatically re-lock behind them, preventing any intruders from slipping in.

3. Increased Security

Another benefit of electronic locks is that they are more secure. Unlike conventional door locks, they can’t be picked and they don’t experience the same kind of wear and tear that can make them susceptible to break-ins. Without the need for keys, there is also no chance a duplicate key gets into the wrong hands.

Electronic locks have improved the convenience and security of many homes. To see if this is a good option for your property, it’s best to speak with a professional locksmith who has experience installing keyless door locks. Contact A Scalia Lock & Key at (860) 444-6822, or visit their website for a full list of services. 

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