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3 Factors That Reduce How Long Underground Heating Oil Tanks Last December 12, 2017

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3 Factors That Reduce How Long Underground Heating Oil Tanks Last, West Haven, Connecticut

Your underground heating oil tank can potentially last up to 20 years, but several factors can cause damage that will contribute to the shortening of its life by a significant length of time. The professional HVAC contractors at Apple Oil in West Haven, Connecticut, have found a solution to this. They suggest learning these factors and avoiding them to extend the life of your underground heating oil tank. 

Factors That Reduce the Life of Your Tank 

1. Installing the Wrong Size

Smaller heating oil tanks buried underground often have an average life span of only 10 years, as they’re not approved for this kind of use. Any tank under 275 gallons isn’t designed to be buried underground or to withstand the outdoor elements. It’s for this reason that they last half as long as larger tanks. 

2. Corrosive Soil

heating oil tankIf your heating oil tank is buried in an area containing corrosive soil, its coating will begin to wear, and rust will set in sooner than intended. Using a plastic or fiberglass tank will help prolong corrosion. However, any copper or brass components will still corrode and wear out sooner than they should, ultimately contributing to your tank’s shortened life span. Avoid this by using a professional HVAC contractor to install your underground heating oil tank, as they will take this into consideration.

3. Exposure to Moisture

If the unit is installed at ground level or in a basement, you are more likely to have water enter your tank. Some HVAC contractors will do this since it’s more aesthetically pleasing. However, it allows rain run off and melted snow to find its way into the storage tank, leading to interior rust. A cap for your tank filler will help, but they can easily crack or loosen from the natural elements, leaving your system vulnerable.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your underground heating oil tank, the first step is to have it installed by a trained professional. The HVAC contractors at Apple Oil will properly install the most efficient system for your home or office and help you keep it maintained, so it’s more likely to reach its maximum life span. As a trusted member of the West Haven community for over 30 years, they provide reliable service all year. To schedule your appointment, or to learn more about the services offered, check out the website or call (203) 934-3835.

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