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3 Types of Residential Property Damage Caused by Termites December 12, 2017

Henderson, Knox
3 Types of Residential Property Damage Caused by Termites, Henderson, Illinois

Once temperatures drop in the winter, many pests seek shelter and food inside residential spaces. According to the staff at Monmouth Termite & Pest Control in Galesburg, IL, termites are one insect that leaves plenty of property damage in its wake. Below, the leading exterminator highlights how they pose a problem for homes. 

How Termites Cause Damage in Houses

1. Laminate Floor Sagging

If laminate floors are blistered, sagging, or have a spongy resistance when walking, termites are most likely to blame. When the insects eat away at wood baseboards underneath the flooring, laminate materials no longer have a solid foundation to handle the weight of furniture and foot traffic. 

2. Drywall Staining

termitesWhen termites are present, drywall may appear to have water damage though you have no plumbing fixture problems. The insects are most likely building habitats inside the walls. Hollow walls are also a sign the insects are eating the material from the inside out. If you hear a shallow sound when tapping on the surface, call a specialist to investigate. 

3. Structural Support Failure 

From attic support beams to roof substrates, many structural elements of a house are made partially or entirely of wood. When termites gnaw away at the materials, it compromises the structural integrity of the house. Neglecting to address these issues will only make problems worse, eventually compromising the safety of the structure. 

If you have a termite infestation, the professionals at Monmouth Termite & Pest Control have the equipment and knowledge to rid your home of unwanted intruders. To schedule a termite treatment appointment in Galesburg, call (309) 344-7850 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online to discover how their termite control solutions will restore the safety and comfort of your space, and like them on Facebook for updated information. 

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