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Deep Carpet Cleaning: How Often You Should Do It And Why It Matters January 2, 2018

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Deep Carpet Cleaning: How Often You Should Do It And Why It Matters, Penfield, New York

If you have kids, pets, or live an adventurous lifestyle, you might find yourself vacuuming and frequently mopping just because you have to. Unfortunately, the dirt you trek through your home after that run and the spills your child creates with their juice box can leave long-lasting stains, which is why deep carpet cleaning is so important. Here is a little more information about how often you should be cleaning your carpet, and why deep cleaning is essential. 

How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Carpet? 

Although some people only break out their mop and vacuum before guests come over, your flooring should be cleaned carefully on a regular basis to prevent carpet fiber damage. Individual dirt particles are incredibly abrasive, and leaving them on carpet allows your family to unintentionally grind them into the carpet as they walk across the floor. To keep your carpet fibers safe and clean, you should focus on vacuuming your entire home at least once a week, and cleaning high-traffic carpeted areas every day. 

Why Is Deep Carpet Cleaning Important? 

carpet cleaningIn addition to vacuuming your carpeting to prevent wear and tear, you should also have your carpet professionally cleaned to help dirt particles to rise to the top of the carpet and be whisked away by the high-powered equipment professionals use. Deep carpet cleaning is also important because it helps to protect your carpet warranty. In fact, research has shown that many carpet companies won’t honor their product warranties unless the carpet has been cleaned by a professional every 12-18 months


Is your carpet due for a deep cleaning? Create a fresh-smelling, beautiful home by working with Yaeger Rug & Furniture Cleaners in Webster, NY. In addition to helping home and business owners with carpet cleaning and stain removal, these experts can also help with pet messes, upholstery cleaning, and area rugs. To learn more about their commitment to service, visit the website or call (585) 671-7390.

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